Museums and Heritage Sites

We provide a range of services for museums and heritage sites. We generally recreate the darker, grislier and sometimes ignored corners of history - including gory medieval surgery, witchcraft, barbaric Britons and dodgy rogues from every corner of history. Our costumed characters can offer a variety of displays which humorously and vividly bring to life these areas of history. We can bring a 'stall' or static display, or can do it in a space of your preference - all we usually need is space to pop a table or two and a willing audience. We can deliver our displays as drop in sessions or at particular times to suit you. Costs vary depending on the size of the display, supplies needed and travel distance, but start from around £100 a day.

Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

Explore the world of Pre-History. Our prehistoric hunters will show you how life changed in Britain in the Ages of Stone, Bronze and Iron! Activities can include 'woad' face painting, boasting and storytelling, grinding grain, making shell necklaces and having a go with our slings. Our display can include prehistoric daily life. We mainly concentrate on the Celtic Iron Age, with one of our members having an MA in Celtic History.

Vikings and

Let the Moss Troopers brighten up the so called 'Dark Ages' for you. We can portray Anglo-Saxon or Viking warriors, including storytelling and leading visitors in a boasting competition or training in a shield wall. We can also do a display of daily life including grinding grain, making bead necklaces and wattle and daub. For the real Viking legend experience, we can call on the services of our mysterious Wanderer - a one eyed storyteller with a suspicious resemblance to the god Odinn. 

Tudors and Stuarts

The Tudor and Stuart ages are famous for their grandeur and splendour - but there's precious little of that with the Moss Troopers around! You could instead hire our Plague Doctor and his leeches to horrify your audiences, or get in a bunch of our rogues, vagabonds and sturdy beggars - professional criminals with their own language called 'Cant', who can entertain your guests with Tudor and Stuart tavern games and gambling as well as the odd brawl. Or we could bring you an exciting mounted display with a border reiver horseman from the wild frontiers of the Kingdom and his attendants, training with lance and sword.

and Celts

There's more to the Romans than the legions! We can portray a Roman or Romano-British storyteller or civilian and reveal a little about daily life in Roman Britain, from food and drink to clothing and cosmetics. We can also portray a travelling Roman herbalist or doctor, treating various ailments with herbs and a prayer to Aesclepius the God of Healing. For a thrilling display of derring do, we work with our friends to display the skills of the Roman Cavalry in an exciting demonstration of horseback combat!

Norman and Medieval

Ah, the middle ages! Dung, plague, blood and fire! There's plenty of that, but also plenty of blood, snot and bile with the Moss Troopers. We can provide you with a medieval physician, complete with live leeches, bloodstained surgical tools and flasks of urine. Audiences love the gruesome tales of medieval medicine. We can also supply a Knight with attendants to demonstrate weapons and armour to visitors and entertain them with tales of chivalry. Working with our friends, we can even supply a thrilling display of a mounted knight training with sword and lance.


The Golden Age of Piracy! Our Moss Troopers love to entertain audiences with unlikely tales of their exploits upon the High Seas, mixing ancient maritime legends with the stories of real life pirates like Blackbeard and Anne Bonny! We can also provide a pirate surgeon, complete with his horrible bone saw, just the thing when you need a new peg leg! We've even helped set up a whole pirate tavern before! So if it's pirates you want, you need to get in touch with the Moss Troopers!

Georgian and Victorian

To some the Georgian and Victorian periods are synonymous with scientific advances and progress - why not put paid to that idea by hiring our Cunning Man or Wise Woman? Delving into the world of traditional British folk magic, our magical specialist can read fortunes, lift curses (or place them) and deal with the supernatural - for a price! The Moss Troopers have also portrayed Victorian ne'er do wells, entertaining audiences at Christmas Fairs and sunnier events with a variety of traditional folk tales. For Georgian events, they've even been The Brothers Grimm, bringing many of the lesser known stories collected by the brothers vividly to life with their thrilling storytelling performances.