Workshops for Schools

The Moss Troopers offer a great range of historical workshops for schools combining storytelling with authentic costumes and hands on activities to create an unforgettable experience of the past! The Moss Troopers have worked in historical and heritage education for over five years, and David Silk has worked as a learning officer in a number of North-East museums and heritage attractions including Bede's World, Arbeia Roman Fort and Newcastle Castle. We are therefore able to offer workshops which are of very high quality (the same as you would expect from a visit to a museum, but in your classroom) and always aim to meet your learning outcomes. Prices start from £150.

Storytelling and Literacy

Introduce your children to the mystical art of storytelling. We will entertain you with traditional tales, fables and legends from around the world before teaching your class to create and tell their own stories. KS 1 - 2

Romans and Celts

Our costumed interpreters will deliver a mix of storytelling, roleplay and hands-on activities and crafts looking at the difference between the Roman way of life and that of the native Celts. Learn all about togas and bath-houses, headhunting and woad. 

For KS 2.


Were the Vikings really the vicious marauders of legend? We'll bust some myths and bring to your classroom the age of the Vikings and the myths of their gods. Try our Viking weapons and armour and learn to feast like a real Viking! For KS 2.

History of Medicine

Meet our medieval physician and his gory surgical tools - learn how to amputate an arm, cure diseases with herbs, avoid the plague and meet some real live blood sucking leeches! A brilliantly gruesome session it will get pupils of all ages interested in the history of medicine. For KS 2+


Your class will get a chance to meet a real pirate, hear tales of the high seas, play some pirate games, make a treasure map and see some replicas of real pirate treasure - it's not all gold and silver!

For KS 1 - 2

Ancient Greeks

Get an Ancient Greek hero to visit your class, spinning tales of magical adventures and Greek Gods. Then find out how these tales relate to the real life and achievements of the Ancient Greeks.

For KS 2

Anglo-Saxons and Scots

The Moss Troopers can deliver an amazing day of activities teaching all about the so called "Dark Ages" when the Anglo-Saxons and Scots settled Britain. Learn how England was created, how people lived their day to day lives, and about the wars fought to create the Kingdoms of England and Scotland!

For KS 2

Normans and Medieval

We can do a huge range of medieval workshops including meeting a medieval monk, pilgrim, knight, doctor or wisewoman. Try on medieval armour, make wattle and daub, learn some Norman French, find out your medieval profession and more! For KS 1 - 2


Learn about life in the North-East in Tudor times. Tales of vicious border reivers, their raids and daring deeds. Handle weapons and armour and find out about brutal crimes and punishments. You could also find out about spies and plots on the border (and break a Tudor code), or we can teach some Tudor dance with authentic music! For KS 2+

Other stuff...

Got another topic? Not a problem! Give us a shout and the Moss Troopers will be glad to put together a workshop for you on the Victorians, WW1 or whatever it is you're studying. We have years of experience in education and historical research!