Storytelling is sometimes said to be the earliest art-form. Before writing, when people huddled round the fire for warmth, they told their history, hopes and dreams through stories.

The Moss Troopers bring tales ancient and new vividly to life in a raucous and anarchic style. They tell tales from all over the world, but have a particular love for the folklore and legends of the British Isles.

Any of the Moss Troopers can be hired individually to provide a storyteller for your event or school, and can tailor their tales to your theme - whatever that may be.

Storytelling encourages listening skills, creativity and imagination, and all you need is a reasonably quiet space and somewhere for the audience to sit! Best of all, the Moss Troopers can teach anyone to tell stories.

Prices will depend on how many storytellers you want, the length of your event and the distance we have to travel, but start from around £75.